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From here you can download the BRABUS Shadow owner’s manuals.
  •  By choosing a specific boat model to the left you can download the owner’s manual.
  •  If you wish to read the manual online, you can do so by navigating to a specific section in the manual within the selected model.
  •  If you wish to change your language preference, please do so by selecting your preferred language from the drop-down menu above.

This portal includes BRABUS Shadow owner’s manuals for following models and all other models from MY2021 onwards:
  •  BRABUS Shadow 900 from MY2020 onwards
  •  BRABUS Shadow 500 range from MY2020 onwards

For older owner’s manuals, please go the BRABUS Marine website and choose Manuals from the menu. The download link on the Manuals page will give you access to all past owner’s manuals.

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